Andisa Kubat

FAMS d.o.o. Zenica

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 10:00 - 13:00
DescriptionWith an aim to participate in creating a healthy business environment and help companies protect their workers in a satisfactory way, director and owner of the Proprietorship FAMS came up with the idea to combine her years of experience (15 years) and knowledge in the field of sewing and workplace safety, and in early 2015 (18.02.2015.) invested personal funds to establish a manufacturing small business FAMS. The primary work scope of the business was sewing.
Organization Type Producer,
CityZenica, Zmaja od Bosne bb- Poslovna zona Zenica I Google map
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    work wear, home decor, bed linen

    work wear, home decor, bed linen

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    1. Sales / Distribution
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    1. Sales / Distribution