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DescriptionWalter doo is a Bosnian-Swedish company with a staff of 80 employees. Walter provides wide range of IT software solutions and BIM modeling services to the architectural/construction companies.  
Depending on the client's needs, Walter can provide services ranging from bare digitization of the building technical drawings, creation of 3D models of the building, animation and visualization of the buildings, smart IT solutions and web systems to assist in building design and management. Furthermore, Walter offers a full spectrum of design work, both in construction processes (architectural ideas and projects, mechanical, electrical, structural designs, presentation and visualization of the projects, etc.). 
Walter adds on to these services by providing graphic and industrial design solutions. Walter's commitment is to support innovations in construction and to always strive to offer smarter, more sustainable living conditions. Walter BIM Solutions is a company structured in four functional departments based on the services they are offering but they are constantly communicating with a goal of supplementing each other with a lacking information and expertise. 
Organization Type Company
Phone+387 33 97 41 01
CitySarajevo, Muhameda Kantardzica 3 Google map
Areas of Activities





        IT software solutions, BIM management and BIM services for Construction/Architectural Companies

        1. Building Design Development and Engineering

        We are developing compelling design and engineering package presentations, ensuring excellent client service, using latest software in 3D visualization and architectural design with emphasis on BIM. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team of engineers can develop architectural detail design, structural calculations and MEP drawings. In addition to this 3D parametric modeling, to our clients, we provide 4D (time schedule), 5D (cost) BIM services, conflict and clash detection and bidding documentation.

        We merge concept design, modelling, detail design and construction technologies in one BIM model that allows professionals to create accurate designs which can be rechecked, easily controlled and remodeled during all project development phases.

        2. BIM Development

        High-quality content creations are developed by our specialized engineers experienced in architectural and structural fields. A team of architects, civil and MEP engineers is working on developing and implementing solutions for customer's specific requests for content creation including all levels of detail (LOD).

        If you are a manufacturer and you need BIM content for specific purposes or you need a generic content for your internal projects, contact us, because we offer the highest quality assurance of our products and services.

        As a smart content provider we will make sure to deliver BIM products designed correctly and according to AEC industry standards. Don't let your brand be damaged by badly developed content libraries, chose our professional services and make the quality your number one priority.

        For all our team members we provide formal BIM education and professional development in the BIM field. We prepare the exact educational program for individuals or groups, during which the learning spectrum can range from introductory knowledge to the professional BIM expertise that leads to Autodesk certification.

        3. do BIM

        Our extensive knowledge involves interpretation and conversion of clients’ existing engineering drawings, in paper or digital form – whether they are sketches, scanned drawings, DWGs or point clouds – into parametric BIM models, using Auto-desk’s BIM tools – Revit and AutoCAD Architecture. Such models represent ‘virtual buildings’ customized to clients’ needs and specifications.

        These models provide and contain all the necessary information from the original drawings, allowing simple data processing, extraction and management for a variety of purposes in the field of construction/building engineering and facility management. They improve efficiency and save valuable time and money in AEC industry.

        4. Software and Product Development

        A cross-functional IT department is a group of people with different expertise striving toward a common aim. Team members work with both open-source and proprietary technologies, using agile methodologies, primarily Scrum. IT department consisted of software developers, graphical designers and architects has three platforms of interest: BIM, Web and Mobile Development. Main work is done on providing software solutions for BIM processes – connecting BIM programs with cloud-based services, storing and manipulating BIM data in the cloud.

        Some of the work of IT development department includes using mobile technologies and devices to enhance benefits of BIM approach in architecture and construction. Part of department resources is dedicated to finding new ways to bring latest technologies and techniques into BIM world.

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