Ajdin Isaković

Executive director
ITC d.o.o Zenica

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 10:00 - 13:00
DescriptionITC was founded 06.05.1994. with headquarters in Zenica. In the first years of its work ITC was oriented trade in agriculture. However, in early 2005, the ITC is in addition to agriculture has expanded its activities to: construction, electrical installation, mechanical installation, hydro installations and metal processing. The introduction of various activities required a new organizational structure that was created as a division within the organization that have been established profit centers and cost center. Today, the ITC has grown into respectable company that has successfully implemented a number of demanding projects from all activities covered by.
Organization Type Company
CityZenica, Zmaja od Bosne bb Google map
Areas of Activities



      Offer & Request

      Metal constructions, agriculuture

      Metal industry and agriculture equipment including green houses

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Sales / Distribution
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Sales / Distribution