ZEPS B2B 2017

Enterprise Europe Network Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Zenica Development Agency ZEDA in co-organisation with Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Technology park Varaždin Ltd – Republic of Croatia, Maribor Development Agency – Republic of Slovenia and Ulutek Technology Development Zone, Nilufer Bursa, Turkey, are organizing International Brokerage Event „ZEPS B2B 2017“ which will take place during the International 24th General B&H fair ZEPS and 14th International Metal Fair ZEPS Intermetal in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (03.- 07.10.2017).

Brokerage Event „ZEPS B2B 2017“  will be held on October 04.2017. at the Fair ZEPS, in the Promotional hall.
ZEPS is the biggest fair in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its participants are very satisfied with the accomplished results. This fair is the most visited event of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the extraordinary number of visitors is its most attractive feature. In the past 23 General BH fairs 11.182 exhibitors participated and 1,414.457 visitors visited the fairs. General fair ZEPS is the place to promote companies from various different branches, collective exhibitions of countries, regions, municipalities and associations.  The fair is structured in certain units - fair blocks (abbreviation - FB), 12 of them. Fair block is so to say exhibition of certain domains and production branches, nucleus of the future specialized fairs that it is going to turn into in due time, as once fair block Metal processing had turned into an international metal fair called ZEPS INTERMETAL, ten years ago.
The target audience: companies, SMEs, institutions, organizations.


24th General B&H Fair ZEPS
  • Energy industry and environmental technology
  • Wood industry and furniture
  • Agriculture and food
  • Construction
  • Tourism, sport and recreation
  • Means of transportation
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Safety and security
  • Banking services, investment and real estate market
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail trade
14th International Metal Fair ZEPS Intermetal
  • Ores and raw materials for production of metals
  • Mining equipment
  • Refractory materials and equipment
  • Metallurgical machinery and equipment
  • Semi-products of metal
  • Final products of metal
  • Machines and lines for metal processing
  • Metalworking tools
  • Equipment and materials for joining metals
  • Equipment for quality control of materials, compounds and constructions
  • Equipment and tools for metal coating, anticorrosive agents
  • Equipment and agents for environmental protection
  • Equipment and devices for personal protection
  • Equipment for handling and transport
  • Equipment for installation and maintenance of facilities
  • Specialized domestic and foreign trade
  • IT and processing equipment
  • Engineering, design and consulting
  • Professional literature and magazines
  • Banks, leasing and insurance companies and agencies
  • Land and sea transport, port activities
The first Fair of Information and Communication Technologies and Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held in Zenica from 11th -13th of May 2018 at Arena "Husein Smajlović" , under the high patronage of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the superiors of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia.
The fair consists of four categories:
1. Exhibition part
2. Accompanying events
3. Sales and collector part
4. Gamers' corner


International Brokerage Events provide additional support to the companies to find international partners at the fair. The participants are offered to choose their potential partners according to their own needs and information about partner’s business and interests. This is then turned into list of meetings taking place at certain place and exact time. Each participant get his/her own customized list at least a day before the event.
Participation in the Brokerage Event „ZEPS B2B 2017“ is free of charge.
Participants need to acquire the ticket to enter the fairground and bears their own accommodation and travel cost.
Main event language: English 



  • September 25, 2017: Online registration (insert your cooperation profile)
  • September 29, 2017: Choose interesting profiles and book your b2b meetings
  • October 4, 2017: Brokerage Event „ZEPS B2B 2017"


Bilateral Talks

  • Participants49
  • Meetings Requested91
  • Meetings Accepted32


Profile views

  • Before Event1575
  • After Event60145


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